The following statement on the retirement of Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams should be attributed to Lou Manganiello, President of Fraternal Order of Police Phoenix Lodge 2.


"We thank Chief Jeri Williams for her 33 years of service to the public safety community and for the many years and countless hours she has put in on behalf of the Phoenix Police Department and a City we all love dearly.

"The Chief's impending retirement this summer represents an opportunity for improvement for the Phoenix PD. At a time when police officers citywide are facing a surge in violent incidents and the department is transferring dozens of experienced detectives back to patrol - decimating entire investigative units - our city needs a Chief focused not merely on answering emergency calls, but on responding effectively to cut crime.

"Phoenix needs more police officers. It is unacceptable not to hire officers when the City is flush with revenue and while we continue to lose experienced cops to neighboring cities offering bonuses and better pay. The men and women on the frontlines deserve more support and resources, in an effort to make our City safer for our cops and residents."

Lou Manganiello
President of Fraternal Order of Police Phoenix Lodge 2.