Phoenix FOP Lodge 2 - Covid

A message to first responders: 

From: Yen Pilch Robaina & Kresin, PLC, Attorneys for Members of the FOP/ALC

Dozens of Members have called the firm questioning the legality of Covid-19 vaccine mandates. We have reviewed long-standing legal precedent as well as recent court cases from around the country.

Although historical precedent and the majority of recent court decisions support such mandates, it appears likely the issue may come before the U.S. Supreme Court. It therefore seems prudent to await the High Court’s decision rather than engage in protracted litigation.

In the meantime, there appear to be two rather limited exceptions to the current mandates. These exceptions focus on:

(1) An individual’s diagnosed medical condition to which a Covid-19 vaccine might cause a risk; and

(2) A “sincerely held religious belief” justifying exemption.

Each of these limited exceptions are dependent on an individual’s private medical condition or their deeply held religious beliefs. We’ve found that members are more comfortable discussing such matters in a private setting protected by the confidentiality of the attorney/client relationship. That’s why the FOP/ALC provides members direct access to their lawyers, not through public forums or group clinics.

We encourage FOP/ALC members to call their lawyers directly with legal questions, including questions about Covid-19 vaccination mandates.

Thank you.

Your FOP Stands by you.