Notice to all recently departed PPSLA Members:

Notice to all recently departed PPSLA Members:

We need to set the record straight in the wake of ongoing false attacks by the newly elected and appointed PPSLA – Phoenix Police Sergeants and Lieutenants Association Executive Board. While the PPSLA membership is absolutely entitled to go in a new direction, its new leadership is not entitled to their own set of facts.

As you may be aware, the FOP office staff has been contacting PPSLA members one by one to ensure that your benefits — including your FOP Verizon mobile phone service — are not terminated. This time-consuming process has been made all the more difficult by the PPSLA Executive Board’s decision to move to a new state group with virtually no notice to the FOP. Because there are literally dozens of members who need to be contacted — and because the clock is ticking on the termination of mobile phone service for dozens of individuals — the Executive Board’s decision to literally leave on a moment’s notice has made this complex process more difficult. At the same time, their lies and attacks have also made a challenging situation even more challenging.

Let us be clear: The FOP and our office staff are moving Heaven and Earth to make sure your benefits suffer no interruption. No one in our organization has abandoned you, nor has anyone acted in an unethical manner. We respect the PPSLA’s decision, even though PPSLA leadership has acted with blatant disrespect since the decision to separate from the FOP.

Your options are simple:

1. Join Lodge 2 for $35/month by filling out an ACH. This membership fee will include all the FOP benefits available to members including the full-service FOP legal plan and the Verizon phone benefits.

2. Request that we release your Verizon line and contact a PPSLA or AZCOPS representative to have your line picked up by them. You will need to close out all outstanding balances prior to this. Please note that while the plan is exactly the same, you may experience a bill increase because you are transferring profiles.

3. Do nothing. This will result in any phone numbers currently assigned to the AZFOP profile being frozen.

Our office staff has been asking everyone we contact to choose one of the first two options. So we’re clear, this is being done because the AZFOP cannot continue to assume the liability for your account if you are no longer an FOP member. At the same time, while we hate to see members leave, we will do everything possible to facilitate your move to a new phone plan — if that’s your choice.

Again, let us be clear: We want to do everything in our power to ensure that you have no interruption in your phone service. No one’s phone service has been terminated abruptly, nor have we denied anyone the chance to keep their cell number. With that said, PPSLA members who fail to make a choice on their phone plan soon may see their text messages frozen by Verizon. Again, to avoid this, please go ahead and choose how you’d like to move ahead on your mobile phone service as soon as possible.

The FOP office staff has been instructed to assist each and every one of you with your decision — efficiently and courteously. Our staff has also been instructed not to tolerate any disrespectful conduct. Conversations that take a nasty turn will be ended politely, but immediately.

Dozens of you have decided to stay with the FOP. We could not be more glad for the chance to continue to represent you. Thank you.

Anyone else who would like to stay with the FOP is welcome to do so. For those of you who choose another direction, we wish you the very best of luck.

One and all, please stay safe