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Possible New Pay Structure for PPD
In an article published on the Phoenix Web site at It outlines a pay structure change that has been proposed for consideration by the City of Phoenix City Council on Wednesday. This plan if accepted has been proposed to take affect on August 8.  Update: Council passed this only 1 dissenting vote.

Officer Tyler Moldovan back!
On June 2,2022 Officer Tyler Moldovan who was ruthlessly shot December 14, 2021 has made it back to the valley! Welcome Home! Keep up the fight!

National Police Week
May 02, 2022 FOP Remember the Fallen and Survivors 2021 the loss of 563 Officer   (Watch the video) Each one of those white chairs represents a hero that has fallen, and equally as important, heroes who must carry on. Their lives have been forever changed and through the efforts of so many, they know they are not alone, for we never forget our fallen and the contribution of them and their families.

The following statement on the retirement of Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams should be attributed to Lou Manganiello, President of Fraternal Order of Police Phoenix Lodge 2.
05/03/2022 "We thank Chief Jeri Williams for her 33 years of service to the public safety community and for the many years and countless hours she has put in on behalf of the Phoenix Police Department and a City we all love dearly. "The Chief's impending retirement this summer represents an opportunity for improvement for the Phoenix PD. At a time when police officers citywide are facing a surge in violent incidents and the department is transferring dozens of experienced detectives back to p...

6th Cir. Upholds Qualified Immunity
Re: Case No. 21-3290, Anthony Novak v. City of Parma, OH, et alOriginating Case No. : 1:17-cv-02148 Dear Counsel, The court today announced its decision in the above-styled case. Enclosed is a copy of the court’s published opinion together with the judgment which has been entered in conformity with Rule 36, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. Yours very truly, Deborah S. Hunt, Clerk Cathryn Lovely Deputy Clerkcc: Ms. Sandy Opacich Enclosures Mandate to issue.See case Here Also in doc...

April 14: Phoenix Officer Shot helping Domestic Violence Victim
Phoenix Police Officers responded to a domestic violence call for service and were seaking with the caller, because she was allegedly uncomfortable meeting police at her home, according to Fox 10. FOX News Report Gary Macagni, a witness, told Fox 10 that the situation became violent after some time, and he saw one officer drop to the ground. "They were over there for a while, talking to a lady. I turn my back when [I hear] gunshots, maybe 10 of them, and see an officer drop," M...

“Why Cops Hate To Brag – And Why That’s An Issue”
By David Leibowitz As a public relations and crisis communications professional who has spent the last dozen years representing cops and detention officers, here’s something I’ve learned firsthand. Very few members of law enforcement like to boast. I get it. Bragging seems distasteful for any number of reasons, including being given hell by our fellow officers, or simply not liking personal attention in an environment like policing, which is absolutely a team sport. With that said, so...